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Welcome to Linden Hollow Sheep Farm, established 1998, located in St. Cloud, Florida.  



Sherry Lee, DVM

Owner, Stock handler, Trainer

Sherry is a retired veterinarian, with over 20 years herding experience. She had the first dual champion Shetland Sheepdog in the country! She hosts several trials throughout the year, as well as training her own dogs, and judging trials around the US. 

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Natalie Cole

Stock handler, Trainer

Natalie has grown up as her grandmother's sidekick, always at dog shows, herding trials, or at the farm learning the ins and outs of running the farm. 

Natalie gives private lessons, including herding instinct testing. 


Billy Cole

Ranch Foreman

Billy married Natalie in 2019 and got more than he bargained for! He is the go-to guy for mowing, farm maintenance, as well as installing and painting fence panels for the trials, to name a few. 


Elaina Cole

Jr. Stock handler, Support staff


You've never seen a cuter stock handler in all your life! Elaina keeps her family and the farm animals on their toes. She helps Natalie and her Mema with all the animal chores and has already started learning to herd sheep!

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